Advocating for CPAs

ISCPA plays a key role in protecting the interests of CPAs throughout Idaho

ISCPA’s advocacy efforts address policy issues in Idaho and Washington D.C., as well as regulatory requirements from the Idaho Board of Public Accountancy. ISCPA members—and all members of our profession—benefit from ISCPA’s efforts in seeking the most favorable laws and rules in place for the success of CPAs across all sectors. 


House of Representatives

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P: 208-332-1000

1.8.24 - 2nd Regular Session of the 67th Idaho Legislature convenes 
4.10.24 - 2nd Regular Session of the 67th Idaho Legislature sine die 


2024 Idaho Legislative Resources: 


2024 Bills to watch:

H0385 Internal Revenue Code, Conformity Governor Signed 2.1.24
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.24
H410 - Income tax for tribal members Governor Signed 2.21.24
Law - Retroactive to 01/01/2024
H428 - Employment, fund size multiplier Governor Signed 3.6.24
Law - Retroactive to 01/01/2024
H445 - Tax deficiencies, interest Governor Signed 3.20.24
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.24
H447 - Parental choice credit, grant (school choice) House Rev & Tax Committee
H479 - Money transmission modernization House Business Committee
H480 - Employment, benefit formula House Commerce & HR Committee
H488 - Burden of proof for deduction Governor Signed 3.12.24
Effective: 7.1.24
H505 - Occupational licensure, renewal Governor Signed 3.18.24
Law - Effective: 07/01/2024 (section 1-54);
07/01/2028  (sections 55 & 56)
H510 - Workers, verification status House Commerce & HR Committee
H521 - Taxation, school facilities funds Governor Signed 3.29.24
Law - Retroactive to 01/01/2024 SECTION 2 & 3;
07/01/2024 all other SECTIONS
H585a - Digital assets Failed House 30-40-0
H624 - Commercial property Governor Signed 3.29.24
Law - Effective: 07/01/2024
H643 - Improper state corporations House State Affairs Committee
H647 - Occupational licensing, renewal House Business Committee
H669 - Equality in financial services Passed House 58-10-2
Senate State Affairs Committee
H705 - Occupational licensing reform Governor Signed 4.2.24
Law - Effective: 07/01/2024
HCR33 - Rule approval, tax commission Adopted
Delivered to Secretary of State on 3.20.24
S1241 - Young entrepreneurs Senate Local Gov & Taxation Committee
S1265 - Audits, minimum requirements Passed Senate 34-0-1
House Rev & Tax Committee
S1283 - PERSI, employee, definition Governor Signed 3.25.24
Effective: Retroactive to 01/01/2012
S1296a - Bitcoin protection act Failed Senate 17-18-0

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