Advocating for CPAs

ISCPA plays a key role in protecting the interests of CPAs throughout Idaho

ISCPA’s advocacy efforts address policy issues in Idaho and Washington D.C., as well as regulatory requirements from the Idaho Board of Public Accountancy. ISCPA members—and all members of our profession—benefit from ISCPA’s efforts in seeking the most favorable laws and rules in place for the success of CPAs across all sectors. 


1.11.21 - 1st Regular Session of the 66th Idaho Legislature convened

2021 Idaho Legislative Resources:


2021 Bills to watch:

H058 - Conformity Law - 2.18.21
Effective 1.1.21
H0006 - Tax appeals, hearings H Rev/Tax
H0012 - Short-term rentals, tax H Rev/Tax
H0013 - Income tax, partnerships H Rev/Tax
H0014 - Municipalities, bankruptcy Returned to H Rev/Tax
H0019 - Idaho sales tax, corporations H Rev/Tax
H0021 - Businesses, licensing, tax exempt Passed House - 68-2-0
S Loc Gov
H0032 - Sales tax, manufactured homes Passed House - 69-0-1
S 3rd Reading
H0041 - Foundations, trusts, reporting Passed House - 68-2-0
S Jud
H0073 - Local gov, uniform accounting  Passed House - 54-15-1
S Loc Gov
H0112 - Sales tax rebate, road materials H 2nd Reading
H0170 - Taxable income, business losses (Trailer bill to H058) Passed House - 70-0-0
S Loc Gov
H0180 - Retirement program H Business
H0210 - Sales tax, nonresidents, vehicles H 2nd Reading
H0213 - Income tax, federal relief moneys H 3rd Reading
H0214 - State tax commission H 3rd Reading
 H0217 - Taxes, rebuttable presumption H 2nd Reading
 S1029 - Sales, use tax, internet sales  S Loc Gov
 S1077 - Uniform electronic wills act  S Jud

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