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  1. All sessions will be held virtually in ISCPA Adobe Meeting Room
  2. Presentations start at 8:55 am MT
    • Most conclude at 10 am MT
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    • March 15 – The CPA Profession has a Bold Ambition – Liz Barentzen
    • April 19 - The Importance of Leader Training to DEI Success - Mandy McCown
    • May 17 – Tax Updates – §179D, §45L and Cost Segregation Strategies – Eric Oliver
    • June 14 – Surviving the Worldwide Cyber Pandemic – Tom Kirkham
    • July 19 – Building Relations to Build Your Business – Tracey Walker
    • August 30 – Data Analytics for Dummies – TBD
    • September 13 – Putting the "S" in ESG – Colleen Rozillis & Jessie Lenhardt
    • October 18 – How to Increase Your Practice ROI With Your Existing Clients – Michael Patrick  
    • November 15 - Data Security and Cyber Liability Issues for CPAs - Duncan Will
    • December 13 – Tax Appeals – Hawley Troxell

March 15 – The CPA Profession has a Bold Ambition 

Passionate about providing every student with the opportunity to explore a future career in accounting, in January 2022, the Center for Audit Quality, launched Accounting+, a national brand awareness campaign focused on reaching Black, Hispanic and Latino students at the high school and early college levels.

Accounting+ meets students where they are – on social media platforms and in their classrooms. In addition to social media and content marketing, Accounting+ provides students with access to resources and continued support along their journeys, from an initial discovery about how a career in accounting can match their own passions and goals, to ultimately choosing accounting as a major of study in college.

It will continue to take a collective, coordinated effort to make the accounting profession more attractive to underrepresented student candidates. No one of us can do it alone. Liz Barentzen, CAQ’s Vice President of Operations and Talent Initiatives, will share more about the profession’s Bold Ambition and the Accounting+ campaign.

April 19 - The Importance of Leader Training to DEI Success 

In this highly competitive labor market, prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within your, or your clients organization, can help attract and retain top talent, increase performance and employee engagement, and much more. In fact, job candidates and employees prefer to work at diverse organizations: 76% of employees say a diverse workforce is important to them when evaluating job opportunities.

Join us to learn how Paychex can help support your DEI efforts, as well as provide insights on:
  • The difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • The benefits and challenges of establishing a more diverse and inclusive workplace 
  • Strategies for setting up expectations for respect and educating your leaders and employees about the value of a DEI workplace 
  • Guidance as you handle microaggressions and other workplace issues

May 17 – Tax Updates – §179D, §45L and Cost Segregation Strategies

Cost Segregation Authority is a trusted source for staying current on issues critical to todays accounting professionals when it comes to Real Estate Tax strategies. Since 2006, CSA has partnered with CPA firms and tax consultants across the country saving clients millions of dollars. This comprehensive course covers relevant updates to both the 179d tax deduction and the 45L tax credit; two of the most overlooked tax savings opportunities. Erik will also discuss different strategies used to maximize the benefits of cost segregation.

June 14 – Surviving the Worldwide Cyber Pandemic

A cyber pandemic has the potential to cause widespread damage to businesses and individuals all over the world, every business is at risk. In this webinar, we will discuss how you can protect yourself from a cyber attack as well as what steps are needed in order to stay safe. Now is the time to prepare. Don't miss out on gaining a comprehensive understanding of immediate measures you can take in protecting your clients' private information!

July 19 – Building Relations to Build Your Business

We know that everyone can build relationships. We also know that, regardless of the industry, relationships play a big role in how an organization or service line develops. Interpersonal agility and being able to adjust for the needs of teams, business mission, varied clients, markets, and employees has pushed relationship-building forward as a top requirement.

But what is relationship-building today? Environments, demographics, perspectives and markets are changing. Just how important is it on a personal level? Let's take a look at key skillset areas that allow us to engage and be empowered for all that our business future holds.  How do we manage concepts like “competing priorities,” “Thinking vs. Knowing,” “Tensions and Tasks”  in the building of relationships and business process?

Through stories, data, polling and proven method, we will explore concepts such as:
  • What To Know: Difference makes the Difference
  • What To Be: Architects of culture
  • What To Use: Perspective power
  • What To Do: Growth and Engagement Differentiators

August 30 – Data Analytics for Dummies 

Learn the basics of data analytics. Understand how to use it in your practice and how data analytics can help you help your clients. This is a great place to start, especially if the term “data analytics” is as intimidating to you, as it is to most people!

September 13 – Putting the "S" in ESG

Strengthening your organization’s social practices as part of your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy can help attract and retain talent, develop marketplace trust and loyalty, and increase organization value. However, with so many factors to consider, including diversity efforts, employee health and safety, community relations, performance measures, and reporting - organizations can get easily overwhelmed. During this presentation, we'll explore how you can integrate your organization's existing social practices into your ESG strategy to clarify the path forward.
  • Benefits of ESG to your organization
  • Social goals and how to identify them
  • Social strategies and how to implement them
  • Social factors in investing
  • Fundamentals of reporting

October 18 – How to Increase Your Practice ROI With Your Existing Clients 

By utilizing your existing client base you can become the trusted advisor they have always wanted.  J.P. Morgan did a survey of thousands of their clients and found that of all the advisors their clients deal with, their clients said that their CPAs are by far their most trusted one they deal with on an annual basis.  This choice was far above that of their Attorney’s, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Pastors, Financial Planners and their Bankers.  

As a CPA, your clients look to you for guidance and expertise, whether it is managing finances, assessing investments, making important decisions about their life, or tax planning, they look to you to provide sound advice and reliable service.  By taking the consultative approach and asking questions to understand their needs, you can provide meaningful, tailored advice and insight.   Come learn how to take that next step to be the Trusted Advisor your client needs and wants.

November 15 - Data Security and Cyber Liability Issues for CPAs

Data security breaches continue to ramp up and cause CPAs a great deal of concern. Security tools to protect against cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, but attackers also become more sophisticated. This presentation will offer a greater awareness to attendees about data security risks and cyber security best practices from CAMICO, the nation's largest CPA-directed program of professional liability insurance for accountants.
  • Common data security risks, threats and breaches
  • Cyber security best practices
  • Recommended policies and procedures
  • War stories from CAMICO's claims files

December 13 – Tax Appeals – Hawley Troxell

Rick Smith of Hawley Troxell is a tax attorney with over 40 years’ experience in representing clients in appeals of assessments of federal and state income tax, sales tax and property tax.  His presentation will cover the basics and important principles of federal and state tax appeal procedures and the strategies available to taxpayers, and will include some examples of appeals involving both simple and complicated factual and substantive tax issues. 

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