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  1. All sessions will be held virtually in ISCPA Adobe Meeting Room
  2. Presentations start at 8:55 am MT
    • Most conclude at 10 am MT
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    • January 17 - ERC: How to Prepare Your Clients for Audit - now available on-demand
    • February 14 - Lessons Learned from Recent Breaches…Cybersecurity Update - now available on-demand
    • March 20 - Building Accountability & Trust in Teams - now available on-demand
    • April 17 - Data Analytics for Dummies - now available on-demand
    • May 15 - Donor Advised Funds - now available on-demand
    • June 26 - Navigating the Employment Law Landscape: 2024 Update
    • July 17Business Banking Accelerators: Maximizing Your Bank’s Support
    • August 20 - Latest Trends in Personnel-Related Dilemmas: Do’s & Don’ts for Firms
    • September 18Navigating the Real Estate Landscape as a CPA: 2024 Update
    • October 16Defending Against Cyber Threats: Strategies to Prevent Cyber Attacks
    • November 20 - The Triple Play - Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Builders, Developers & Designers
    • December 18 - Best Practices to Recruit and Retain Top Talent
 January 17

ERC: How to Prepare Your Clients for Audit

Join attorney Ashlee Hall of Figure Financial for this interactive virtual presentation on the current state of the Employee Retention Credit. This course is designed to help CPAs prepare their clients for audit and know what to do if they think a client received a credit for which they were not eligible.  In this virtual presentation, Ashlee will go in-depth into the ERC law and guidance and provide specific examples and advice to help CPAs prepare clients for an ERC audit.

  • Presented by Ashlee Hall, Senior Legal Counsel & Director of Legal Services - Figure Financial
  • now available on-demand

 February 14

Lessons Learned from Recent Breaches…Cybersecurity Update

 Maintaining strong cybersecurity controls is imperative to protecting your organization's confidential constituent data and securing your operations so you can continue to serve your clients. Join Allison Davis Ward with CapinTech as she summarizes current cybersecurity best practices that can protect your firm and your clients. She'll focus on lessons learned from recent high-profile breaches and discuss what has changed, what hasn't changed, and what to watch for in 2024.
    • Presented by Allison Davis Ward, CISSP, CISA, CISM - CapinTech
    • now available on-demand

 March 20

Building Accountability & Trust in Teams

As a leader, learn how to use these skills to improve succession planning and growing your team
            • Gain some powerful insight to establish a culture of trust and open communication in the workplace
            • Gain tips to improve communication that drives accountability and improves decision-making skills
            • Learn how to approach situations to improve accountability for the overall organization’s performance
            • Understand why team members hide behind questions and don’t grow in owning their job responsibilities
            • Build your understanding of the basic human fears that contribute to a fear of separation in the workplace
  • Presented by Connie Miller, Owner - Credible Advantage
  • now available on-demand

 April 17

Data Analytics for Dummies

 In this course, we'll take you on a journey from data novice to analytics ace. No prior experience required! Well perhaps not analytics ace, however Tim will help you become acquainted with the fundamentals of data:  sourcing, transformation and visualization as well as provide you with an understanding so you speak the language of data analysis without getting lost in the jargon. Bring your curiosity and a willingness to dive into the analytics world and leave with real-world applications on how to solve problems, make informed decisions, and impress your friends with your newfound wisdom."
    • Presented by Tim Vavla, Principal, Data Analytics/M&A - Hemming Morse Forensic & Financial Consultants
    • now available on-demand

 May 15

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have been gaining in popularity in recent years. What are they? What are the pros? What are the cons? What are the criticisms? We'll discuss industry and donor trends with this charitable tool that is now firmly in the toolbox of many philanthropic individuals across the country…including Idaho!

  •  Presented by Kris Kamann, Senior Philanthropic Advisor - Idaho Community Foundation
  • now available on-demand

 June 26

Navigating the Employment Law Landscape: 2024 Update

 Join Carsten Peterson, attorney from Hawley Troxell as he helps you explore the latest legal changes affecting the workplace.  From harassment prevention, discrimination, whistleblower protection to the ever-evolving nature of remote work, this session will help you get a handle on the current employment law landscape and its implications for employers and employees.

  • Presented by Carsten Peterson, Attorney - Hawley Troxell

 July 17

Business Banking Accelerators: Maximizing Your Bank's Support

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Business Banking Accelerators: Maximizing Your Bank's Support,' a dynamic presentation designed to unlock the full potential of your business through strategic banking partnerships. Discover how these accelerators go beyond traditional banking services, offering tailored financial solutions, quick access to capital, and cutting-edge technology integration. Join us to explore real success stories and practical steps for businesses to accelerate growth, elevate efficiency, and thrive. Your success is our priority, and together, we'll redefine the possibilities of business banking.

  •  Presented by Julia Rhoades, ICCU

 August 20

Latest Trends in Personnel-Related Dilemmas: Do’s & Don’ts for Firms

The last five years have brought more change to the workplace than ever before. Firms initially struggled with managing through a global epidemic, then overseeing a remote workforce, and returning to work in a hybrid environment. And now, firms are experiencing the drought in personnel talent and the phenomenon of "quiet quitting."

Creating best practices can be challenging and dynamic given all the internal and external factors. To be successful in this new era, firms will need to redefine a workforce model that achieves the delicate balance of multiple priorities: maintaining the health and safety of employees and clients, meeting the service demands of the firm, and optimizing employee satisfaction and engagement. Learning and adopting some basic human resources best practices can help firms stay responsive and agile to meet the ongoing challenges.

In this presentation, participants will learn about the following concepts:

        • Current trends in personnel-related dilemmas in the accounting industry
        • Best practices in documenting those difficult conversations
        • Do's and don'ts of performance management
        • Understanding what appeals to applicants and what drives employees
  • Presented by Emily Franchi, Loss Prevention Specialist for Employment Practices - CAMICO

 September 18

Operating Expenses and Capital Expenditures under a Lease


Delve into the financial intricacies of leasing with our compelling presentation, "Operating Expenses and Capital Expenditures under a Lease." Unlock the secrets to effective financial management as we dissect the nuanced relationship between operating expenses and capital expenditures. Gain practical insights into differentiating these financial components, empowering you to make informed decisions that impact your bottom line. Elevate your financial prowess and join us for an exploration into optimizing operating expenses and capital expenditures in the leasing landscape.

  • Presented by Hawley Troxel

 October 16

Defending Against Cyber Threats: Strategies to Prevent Cyber Attacks

The ever-evolving nature of cyber threats puts businesses at risk of serious harm. In this webinar, we will discuss various strategies to defend against cyber threats and prevent cyber attacks. From building a sound security infrastructure, to employee education and best security practices, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the steps you need to take to secure your business from malicious actors.

  • Presented by Tom Kirkham, Founder and CEO - Kirkham IronTech

 November 20

The Triple Play - Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Builders, Developers & Designers

The course will cover fundamentals of specific tax saving opportunities, including the R&D Tax Credit, 45L Tax Credit, Energy star and the 179D Deduction as it relates to Energy Efficient builders, developers and designers. Topics will include history, project qualification and quantification, and industry case studies. The Inflation Reduction Act brought changes to the 45L and 179D tax incentives and we will dive deep into how these legislatives changes will affect builders, developers and designers starting in 2023.  Highlights include:

  1. Qualifications and eligible properties of the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction – IRC Sec 179D.  Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) changes for 2023 and beyond will be covered in great detail.  
  2. Qualifications, eligible properties, and legislative updates of the Energy Efficient Home Credit – IRC Section 45L. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) changes for 2023 and beyond will be covered in great detail. 
  3. Identify target-rich environments for Research & Development activities utilizing the 4-part test and basic exclusions. Includes details on the IRS updates for amending returns.  
  4. Understand information on composite case studies for each tax incentive. 
  • Presented by Brady Bryan, Bryan Consulting

 December 18

Best Practices to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

In this insightful session, we will unravel the challenges of the current job landscape and provide actionable strategies to attract and keep top talent. Discover best practice recruitment techniques, effective onboarding processes, and employee retention tactics tailored to the unique demands of a tight labor market. We will explore the role of company culture, flexible benefits, and professional development in fostering employee loyalty. Join us to gain valuable insights that will empower you to build a resilient and engaged workforce.

  • Presented by AmeriBen

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