2023 ISCPA Idaho Legislative Resources


ISCPA plays a key role in protecting the interests of CPAs throughout Idaho

ISCPA’s advocacy efforts address policy issues in Idaho and Washington D.C., as well as regulatory requirements from the Idaho Board of Public Accountancy. ISCPA members—and all members of our profession—benefit from ISCPA’s efforts in seeking the most favorable laws and rules in place for the success of CPAs across all sectors. 


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1.9.23 - 1st Regular Session of the 67th Idaho Legislature convenes 
4.6.23 - 1st Regular Session of the 67th Idaho Legislature sine die


2023 Idaho Legislative Resources: 


2023 Bills to watch:

H0021 -  Internal Revenue Code, Conformity Governor Signed 2.15.23
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.23
H0024 - Idaho launch grant program Governor Signed 3.20.23
Law - Effective 7.1.23  
H0032 - Financial disclosures House Business Committee
H0040 - Tax returns, deadlines U.C. to be returned to House Revenue & Taxation Committee
H0046 - IT equipment, tax exemption U.C. to be returned to Local Government Committee
H0048 - Minimum wage House Business Committee
H0059 - Income tax, capital investment Governor Signed 3.16.23
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.23
H0080 - Income tax, expenditures, evidence  Governor Signed 3.16.23
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.23
H0092 - Financial literacy, grades Governor Signed 3.20.23
Law - Effective 7.1.23  
H0108 - Income taxes, other states House Revenue & Taxation Committee
H0159 - Data centers, taxes, urban renewal U.C. to be returned to House Revenue & Taxation Committee
H0172 - Income tax rates, effective date Governor Signed 3.16.23
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.23
H0177 -  Income tax dependent care deduction House Revenue & Taxation Committee
H0178 - Broadband equipment tax exemption House Revenue & Taxation Committee
H0185 - Fuels tax, electric vehicles House Transportation & Defense Committee
H0197 - Admin rules, legislature, process U.C. to be returned to State Affairs Committee
H0198aa - Income, sales tax debt, interest House Passed 68-0-2
Senate Passed 32-3-10
House Motion not to concur passed 59-11-0
H0229 - Sales and withholding tax returns House Passed 66-0-4
Sent back to Senate Local Government & Taxation Committee
H0257  - State Tax Comm, Orders, Rules House Revenue & Taxation Committee
H0288 - Dependent care tax deduction Governor Signed 4.4.23
H0317 - Cash payment House Printing
 H0349aa - Stray livestock, herd district Governor Signed 4.4.23
 S1066 - Electronic payment fees  Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committee
S1092 - Uniform electronic wills Governor Signed 3.21.23
Law - Retroactive to 1.1.23
HR004 - House rules 6, 10, 17 House Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee
HJM001 - Oregon, Idaho boundaries House Adopted 41-28-1
Sent to Senate State Affairs Committee
SCR102 - Agricultural issues, study committee Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee

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