Website Advertising

ISCPA Members

  • ISCPA Members may place help-wanted ads and ads for their own firm, company and products complimentary.
  • Members may post these ads here.
  • Ads will run for 30 days. After 30 days, the ad will be removed unless the member logs back into their account and updates the ad, or emails Gwynne and requests an extension. 

Non Members

  • Non members may place classified ads at a cost of 35 cents per word with a $25.00 minimum. This fee includes a single hyperlink within your ad to your website.
  • Non members may post these ads here.
  • Ads will run for 30 days. After 30 days, non members will need to re-post their add if needed.


Monday Takeaway Advertising


The Monday Takeaway, ISCPA's on-line newsletter, is published every Monday or Tuesday. This weekly newsletter is emailed to nearly 2200 professionals and posted on our website.

Ad Box

A small ad box (dimensions are approximately 3x4 inches) displayed weekly in the Monday Takeaway.

2024 Ad Box Rates

$85 per month

$595 for twelve months (maximum of 3 ad box changes permitted)

Email Gwynne to purchase


sample ad box 3 sample ad box 2


Publication Deadlines

Ad boxes must be received by Wednesday to appear in the next issue.
Newsletters are uploaded to the website each Tuesday.