ISCPA's AI Ethics: Balancing on the Tightrope

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      ISCPA Self Study, ID 00000
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    • Ethics - general or Idaho-State-Specific (2.00)
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    • 2024 ISCPA Membership

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Exclusive ISCPA Member Benefit

This course is designed to help you understand the foundations of generative artificial intelligence (AI), distinguish between risks and benefits of this emergent technology, and be better equipped to identify opportunities and determine policy around AI into the future.

Throughout the course, delve into a range of critical topics analyzing real-world case studies and engaging in thought-provoking discussions. Explore both the ethical implications and practical applications of AI, so you'll feel enabled to make informed decisions and contribute to responsible AI development.

Designed For

For ISCPA members who have remitted their 2024 membership dues.


To help ISCPA members satisfy their ethics CPE requirement for the State of Idaho


*** There are two very different options for this event -
please read the information below to make sure you select the type of CPE credit that you need this calendar year.  ***

General Ethics: (what most ISCPA members need)

  • Starting the 2nd year of Idaho licensure (and continuing forever thereafter) Idaho CPAs must report a minimum of 4 ethics credits every 2-year period.
      • These ethics credits can be general, regulatory, behavioral or state-specific - as long as the certificate shows the area of study as ethics of some type.
          • Explanation of  Idaho's "rolling two-year" period:
              • Last year's reported ethics credits + this year's completed ethics credits = minimum of 4
                          • AND
              • This year's completed ethics credits + next year's ethics credits = minimum of 4.

Idaho State-Specific Ethics: (for those that became licensed in Idaho this year)

  • Within the 1st calendar year you become licensed in Idaho, you must report 2 Idaho-state-specific ethics credits.
      • Your certificate must show that the area of study is Idaho State-Specific ethics.
  • This applies to: 
      • Applicants for licensure (exam, reciprocity or transfer of grades) - this calendar year. 
      • Those with a lapsed or suspended Idaho license seeking to be reinstated - this calendar year. 
      • Those with an inactive or retired license seeking re-entry - this calendar year.

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Ace Callwood

AceConsultant; Facilitator, Mediator, Keynote Speaker.

In a business world packed with self-proclaimed thought leaders, keynote speakers, and influencers...Ace is a thoughtful listener and mediator.

Yes, he happens to be a great speaker, but his exhilaration comes from being able to read an audience - in person or digitally - and draw from them their toughest questions, greatest vulnerabilities, and boldest ideas.

Whether it is business decisions to invest or liquidate, for non-profits to focus or broaden, or individuals to embrace diversity or reject it... Ace brings an intellectual openness and human humility to issues. He's firm in ensuring audiences are respectful, but embraces the hard discussions and alternate perspectives to find paths toward understanding one another and moving issues forward.

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