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2019 /209 Southwest Chapter Committee

Chair Treva Pline, Boise
Chair-Elect Amanda Shigeta, Meridian
  Katie Allen, Boise
  Caleb Berry, Boise
  Marion DeMaria, Boise
  Chris Forrey, Meridian
  Haley Greer, Nampa
   Chris Larson, Boise
  Rebecca Williams, Boise
   Alexis Yon, Boise

2019 - 2020 Luncheon Series

From Surviving to Thriving



Registration Fees

  • Members Early – $30.00
  • Non-Members Early – $40
      • (Add $5 if registering 6 or fewer days before the luncheon)


    Each luncheon qualifies for 1 CPE credit


ISCPA Enrichment Center
1649 W Shoreline Drive # 202
Virtually - new this year!


Lunch begins at noon.  
Presentations run from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

 Thriving Bundle

7 for the price of 6!

    • All 7 luncheons for $180 
    • Must be purchased by 9.6.19
    • Must be purchased by an ISCPA member 
      • Individual luncheons are transferable to anyone in your firm/company 
    • Nonrefundable 

From Surviving to Thriving

There is a fundamental difference between thriving and surviving. Surviving means “to continue to live or exist” while Thriving means “to grow or develop well, to prosper or to flourish.”

Ask yourself, "Am I thriving or just moving along surviving?"
Be truthful with yourself, you don't have to share your answers with anyone else.

Then ask, how can I move from survive mode to thrive mode? If Personal Growth is the Necessity of Professional Success, then ISCPA's "From Surviving to Thriving" luncheon series is a great opportunity to help you switch modes. Join us monthly to gain a deeper understanding of topics that will further your growth on both a personal and professional level.


In Person


From Wellness to Well-being

This luncheon will help you gain an understanding of the movement to a whole person approach in individual well-being. Using the workplace as a setting for reaching people and supporting them in being their best self, this session will identify how to address the various dimensions of well-being.


In Person


Your Best Self

A person must have a good understanding of themselves before they can lead others. This session will help participants identify what it means to lead yourself, understand their own Personal Well-being and leave with practical tips on goal setting.


 In Person


Generations in the Workforce

Understanding the differences in the multi-generations that are working side-by-side is the key to effective communication. Learn generational value sets and beliefs to truly embrace where we all come from allows for inclusiveness, acceptance and respect across generations.


In Person


Understanding Culture vs. Climate

The difference between culture and climate is often confused. Learn ways to understand the current culture of your organization, the climate and how it supports the culture and how to align the two to create a thriving in organization and fosters an environment that promotes living your best self.


In Person


A leadership Mindset at Every Level

Creating environments and a culture that allows for all employees to have the autonomy to think like a leader, will allow for them to act like leaders. The way individuals show up every day, establishes how they will work with others and how they will accomplish their short and long term goals. Learn how to create opportunities and a culture that allows for leadership at every level.


In Person


Creating Resiliency & Self Care

Because we live in an ever changing world, resiliency is what allows people to change with it. Learn self-care techniques, resiliency strategies and mindfulness. Leave with tools that help you share these techniques with your peers and how to set your team up for success.


In Person


Idaho Legislative Update

Join Ken McClure, Partner with Givens Pursley for a discussion of the highlights of developments in the 2020 Idaho legislative session, with emphasis on how they affect businesses in general and the accounting profession in particular. 

(this date is subject to change based on legislative session)