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2017 / 18 Southwest Chapter Board

Chair Chris Larson, Boise
Chair-Elect Treva Pline, Boise
Director Mitchell Clark, Boise
Director Michelle Crist-Aguiar, Boise
Director Marion DeMaria, Boise
Director Cindi Eyolfson, Boise
Director Chris Forrey, Meridian
Director Dave Koeppen, Boise
Director Amanda Shigeta, Meridian
Director Rebecca Williams, Boise

2017 - 2018 Luncheon Series


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Boise Cascade
1111 W. Jefferson St – Room 2NE Media
Visitor parking is the Southeast corner of 12th and Bannock


Lunch begins at noon.  Presentations run from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

Registration Fees

Members Early – $30.00
Non-Members Early – $40
(Add $5 if registering 6 or fewer days before the luncheon)

Each lunch qualifies for 1 CPE credit

Stay Ahead of What May Put You Behind Bundle 

ISCPA Members - 7 for the price of 6!
(must be purchased by 9.8.17; nonrefundable; individual luncheons are transferable to anyone in your firm/company) 

Every year we become increasingly surrounded by technology. Technology you can wear, banking from your phone, robots performing audits, gadgets to help you sleep. Imagine that - a gadget for when you aren't even awake! As technology continues to advance, so does our dependence upon that technology. While these gadgets promise to make our lives easier, its increasingly important to stay ahead of what may put you behind!


Personal Cybersecurity

Join Daniel Johnson, Project Manager, Internal Audit Services for Boise Cascade for a candid discussion about ransomware, password management, phishing, mobile device security, donation/selling of old equipment, the Internet of Things and social media red flags.


You’ve Been Hacked … Now What??

Cyber-security issues continue to ramp up and cause CPAs a great deal of concern. Security tools to protect against cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated but attackers also become more sophisticated. This presentation will offer a greater awareness to attendees about data security risks and cyber security best practices. This high-level presentation will cover topics such as:

  • Common data security risks, threats and breaches

  • Cyber security best practices

  • Recommended policies and procedures

  • War stories from CAMICO’s claims files


Economic Update: Where Are We Now and What Is The Outlook for 2018?

2017 was a year full of political drama and media attention. With “24/7” media outlets now the norm, the risk is that we get lost in the “noise” of the data and potentially lose focus on what is really happening with the economy. This presentation will discuss the current health of the US and Boise economies and provide insight into what we should be focusing on for 2018.




The Audit of the Future (and how we get there)

As new technologies emerge and business models adapt, delivery of the “same old audit” is no longer an option. The ever increasing pace of change presents challenges as well as opportunities for improvement. How does the audit profession respond and how do they bring value to their clients? Join Brent for an exploration of this emerging process.






Personal Electronic Devices in the Workplace: The C Suite Perspective

It's likely that most, if not all, of your employees bring a personal cell phone or other electronic device to the office. Determining when it is acceptable for your employees to use their personal devices in the workplace, and when it is not, requires a careful balancing act. And, consider this: What employees do with their personal electronic device, on (or off) the clock, is their own business, right? Well, perhaps not. In today's world, once an employee uses a personal device for any business reason - regardless of the type of work, the quantity of work, asked to do so or not, the employer may now be liable for any laws broken using that device. Join Givens Pursley for a high-level discussion on

  • Employee handbook policy requirements/recommendations for personal electronics

  • The use of personal electronics for conducting business

  • What happens when an employee leaves - whose data is it; any privacy for content on the device?

  • Employer liability for employee misconduct on a personal device






Personal Electronic Policies in the Workplace: Getting it Right

The best-laid strategies of any organization are useless without proper implementation. Last month you heard the legal angle about personal electronic devices in the workplace. Now hear about how one corporation has begun the process of building and implementing these types of security protocols! Micron IT has been supporting mobile users since early 2000's, but today’s devices coupled with today's threats requires a constantly changing mobile device strategy. Micron IT will discuss how they are evolving our policies and technologies within the Mobile Device space to improve the company’s security posture, why they are doing it, as well as some of the challenges & frustrations they have encountered along the way.




Idaho Legislative Update

Join Ken McClure, Partner with Givens Pursley for a discussion of the highlights of developments in the 2018 Idaho legislative session, with emphasis on how they affect businesses in general and the accounting profession in particular. 
(this date is subject to change based on legislative session)

SW Chapter CPE Mini-Seminars

The SW Chapter voted not to host mini-seminars in 2017. They will reconsider this option in 2018. If you would like to see mini-seminars continue, please consider volunteering for the SW Chapter Committee to coordinate this service in 2018. Contact Gwynne for more details.