Universal CPA Review

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ISCPA has partnered with Universal CPA Review to offer Student and Associate Members the opportunity to register for their course for just $100. 

The ISCPA & Universal CPA Review partnership includes lifetime access to all four sections of Universal CPA Review's full online course: 

    1. All video lectures
    2. All study guides
    3. All multiple-choice practice questions (all of which come with video explanations)
    4. All practice task-based simulations (all of which come with video explanations)
Universal CPA Review believes in “seeing to understand.” The Universal approach is built around visual learning, using vibrant color-coded diagrams, interactive charts, engaging animations, and clear explanations to bring complex accounting principles to life. Adaptive learning technology tailors your study plan to your unique learning needs, while our visually-rich content caters to all learning styles, especially benefiting those who find visual aids helpful in understanding and retaining information.
The proof of Universal's successful approach is apparent in the student performances. Candidates who have trusted Universal CPA Review consistently outperform national averages. Universal alumni, many of whom are now respected accounting professionals, credit their success to our unique visual approach that made learning more engaging and information retention more effective.

A current Idaho Society Membership is required to access the program.

Check out more about Universal CPA Review or take a demo - www.universalcpareview.com 
Please email Laura Lantz to enroll in the ISCPA Universal CPA Review partnership program.

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