Advanced Controller and CFO Skills

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      Self Study - AICPA, ID 00000
  • Credits
    • 12.00
  • Credit Type(s)
    • Business Management & Organization (12.00)
  • Prerequisites
    • Previous financial management experience

  • Vendor
    • AICPA
  • Level
    • Advanced
  • Fields of Study
    • Business Management & Organization
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Gain skills to develop a strategic plan for your organization and apply the balanced scorecard to manage the performance of the organization. Identify how to be a leader and to develop high-performing employees. Recognize how to manage change.

Designed For

  • Controllers and CFOs
  • Objectives

    • Recognize the elements of a successful strategic planning process.
    • Determine how to apply the balanced scorecard to your organization's strategy to track progress and achieve success faster.
    • Formulate a risk assessment plan to protect your organization's success and minimize the chances of failure.
    • Use an insightful financial analysis to maintain what is working and make organizational improvements.
    • Recognize the primary leadership styles.
    • Differentiate among the four primary social styles.
    • Contrast the characteristics and benefits of coaching versus mentoring.
    • Recognize the elements of a successful retention process.


    • Strategic planning
    • Balanced scorecard
    • Risk management
    • Insightful financial analysis
    • Leadership styles
    • Change management
    • Understanding social styles
    • Developing high-performance employees

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