New Tax Scheme Hits Idaho

May 9, 2019

ISCPA received an email from a member informing us of a new phishing scheme that you may want to warn your clients about.

The member's client received the following email this wk:


"You recently submitted your 2018 Tax Filing via an online tax service.  My office conducts audits on behalf of these organizations to assist with their efforts to provide the highest quality service.

An audit of your filing revealed an unintended error.  As a result of this error, your tax liability has increased.  A corrected version of your filing along with instructions on how to submit it to the appropriate agency can be found here CPWqfJ8lQ-E7T0l5fpN-oZ-QCP.

Please take any necessary actions prior to any applicable tax deadline.

Tony Boughan, C.P.A."


The "can be found here" was hyperlinked to href=

By putting your cursor over the hyperlink and reading backwards, you can quickly tell this is not a legitimate link because of all the extra "junk" on the end.

While many sites have long urls, if they don't make sense, don't click - follow up with a phone call to verify.

If you have not taught your clients and staff how to read hyperlinks backwards to check for legitimacy, you may want to now.

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