ISCPA clarifies IDHW request for income verification.

February 18, 2019

- Member Bulletin -

The Idaho Society of CPAs has become aware that some members have been asked to provide the Department of Health and Welfare verification of future incomefor self-employed clients as proof of eligibility for Health Insurance Premium Tax Credits or Medicaid benefits.  

After meeting with IDHW, ISCPA wants to offer some clarifications.

At no time should CPAs be asked to verify any future income, as this is not actually possible, and it may not be ethical to do so, according to professional standards, and reiterated by the Idaho State Board of Accountancy.    

Professionals may offer their clients specific details of past financial situations that could indicate future income potential, or may explain why future income may not be the same as years past. The client may share this information, and of course as is often the case, if clients request, professionals may provide the information directly to IDHW or to a facilitator seeking verification of eligibility to purchase insurance on the Exchange. The key for accounting professionals is to provide information, rather than verification, and to provide it to the client unless requested by the client to provide it to a third party.

IDHW will work with its professionals and with the independent Exchange facilitators to ensure that everyone understands that future income verification isn’t the appropriate request. Asking for information explaining situations on how future income could change from prior years is appropriate.  

If you have additional questions, please reach out.  

Laura Lantz
Executive Director
Idaho Society of CPAs – ISCPA

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