Surgent's Data Analytics Readiness Series: Calculated Columns and Dimensions

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    • 1.00
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    • Information Technology (1.00)
  • Prerequisites
    • 2+ years of experience working with Excel

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    • Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC
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This one-hour course will focus on the use of Excel with Power BI and Power Query to organize and analyze data. Users will primarily work with calculated columns generated from existing data. They will walk through hands-on exercises to create calculated columns, add dimensions to existing data tables, and create hierarchies within the data tables. Special attention will be paid to Star Schema analytical modelling. To explore practical applications, users will apply the skills to journal entry testing. This course is one in a ten-part certification series, Core Data Analytics: Excel and Power BI Skills for Accounting and Finance Professionals, by Surgent IQ.

  • Course Type: On-Demand Webcast
  • Designed For

    Accountants who want to transition to data analysis and have a basic knowledge of Excel and Excel formulas


    • Understand the applicable Excel skills that will be required in making the transition to data analyst 
    • Understand evaluation context — row and filter context
    • Understand the requirements to create calculated columns and apply that understanding to data
    • Create a dimension table in Power Query
    • Create hierarchies in Excel with calculated columns
    • Apply calculated column skills to datasets related to journal entry testing


    • Where can you create a calculated column?
    • Understanding evaluation context- row and filter context
    • When does evaluation of the formula occur (before, as, or after the data is loaded?)
    • Understanding storage requirements of calculated columns
    • Understanding the analytical data model of the Star Schema
      • Dimensions
      • Facts
    • Exercises- calculated columns
      • Adding a calculated column in a table in Excel
      • Creating a dimension table in Power Query
      • Creating a hierarchy in Excel with calculated columns
      • Adding a calculated column in Power Query
      • JE testing with calculated columns
      • Other test- opening balances

    Advanced Prep

    Install Power Pivot and Data Analysis ToolPak

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