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Many professions value and leverage pattern recognition and informed judgment based on limited information. While this is a huge strength for our employees, managers and practitioners, it could also lead to unconscious biases in our decisions making when it comes to day to day issues like hiring, mentoring, promoting, staffing, developing people, and engaging with clients. Through an engaging mix of insights, exercises, illustrations, activities, pools, and videos, this session will enable participants to understand, identify, and manage their unconscious biases. Session participants leave with specific strategies and tactics that they can deploy in their day to day work to maximize intuitive strengths and minimize unintended fallout.

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ISCPA Members


Thanks to a grant from the Deloitte's MADE (Making Accounting Diverse & Equitable) program, ISCPA is proud to partner with The CTR Factor and our members as we explore DE&I and work together to strengthen ourselves, our communities, our workplaces and Idaho. Our program consists of a series of 3 2-hour videos, a thought-provoking Annual Meeting and a 1-hour virtual presentation to assist our members move through the DEI concepts at their own pace.

  • GENERATE INTEREST through exposure to individual beliefs and attitudes via self-assessment and analysis.
  • DELIVER INFORMATION through education about proprietary models and frameworks based upon data and inferences.
  • STIMULATE INTENT through experience of reality via story-telling, case studies, and group activities that are nonthreatening, non-blaming conversions on a sensitive topic.
  • ENABLE IMPACT through execution of actions and behaviors that deliver desired outcomes that inspire participants to identify and manage their own biases.


In this 3 part series we will

  • Understand - Part 1
  • Identify - Part 2
  • Manage - Part 3
  • Understand the different types of bias in the workplace, both conscious and unconscious, and how they affect business decisions and outcomes
  • Identify your personal biases which might be holding you back from true inclusiveness and client engagement
  • Manage biases in a constructive manner to help obtain the highest level of inclusiveness and performance

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Suri Surinder

Suri Surinder

Mr. Surinder is co-Founder & CEO of CTR Factor, the CTR Factor Leadership Institute, QuantumFLY & MyRequest-US. He also serves as Chief Learning Officer of Diversity MBA, Expert at GLG & RSM, senior board member of the CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance, & strategic partner to Diversity Crew, NeoSeven, ESPTalent, Resiliti, Diverst, Trivie, RLC Diversity & Bold Business, serving a broad US & international footprint, including England, Europe, Africa, Canada, India and the Middle East.

His experience spans 32 years as an executive, consultant, board member, author, entrepreneur & professor. His Linked-in profile has earned 2,775 endorsements in 50 different competencies. His Linked-in posts have garnered 1.5 million global views, & he has about 60,000 Linked-in connections & followers combined.

At CTR Factor, he has served 164 companies in 12 different sectors, including RSM, Crowe Horwath, PwC, Prudential, Voya, Mass Mutual, Pixar, Walmart, & Disney, and has been Chief Learning Officer at Kaleidoscope & ALPFA.

Mr. Surinder has worked in telecom, banking, non-profit, consulting & healthcare at Pfizer, Verizon, McKinsey, Centurylink, Capital One, ALPFA & Barclays in C-level roles running billion dollar business units & large global functional groups:

• CEO of $1.7B regional P&L,5K employees • CEO of $2.7B regional P&L,3K employees • CMO of $1B P&L serving 50M customers • CHRO of $1.8B global P&L • Chief of Staff to COO of $39B P&L • CLO at largest professional non-profit in the US with 75,000 members • Global Head of $350M call center operation • Head of Process Re-engineering of $1.2B unit • Expert in Customer Experience at top. global consulting firm • Head of $3B early stage Collections at leading credit card provider

He has been a member of 4 boards & Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at Baruch College. He has been recognized as a Top 100 under 50 Senior Executive by Diversity MBA magazine, & been acknowledged by the US Government as a person of extraordinary ability in business. He is the author of the CTR Factor Leadership Series of books, available on Amazon.

He holds a BS-Civil Engineering, MS-Structural Engineering, and an MBA-Marketing, with courses towards a PhD-Marketing.

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