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  • Date/Time
    • Aug 19, 2022
    • Sign In: 7:30am (MT)
    • Program: 8:00am - 4:45pm (MT)
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    • Center of Influence
      805 W Idaho St Suite 400
      Boise, ID 83702
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  • Credits
    • 8.00
  • Credit Type(s)
    • Management (8.00)
  • Prerequisites
    • An open mind

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    • *** ISCPA ***
  • Level
    • Update
  • Fields of Study
    • Personal Development
    • Personnel/Human Resources
  • Message
    • 45 minute lunch included


If you are looking for a dynamic, interactive, educational and fun session to kick-start your thought process, this is the place to be!

Most finance leaders agree that the wide array of activities they perform in the course of their day-to-day functions, like talent recruiting, employee development, performance management, business development, client relationships, expertise delivery, brand marketing and financial results delivery all require one thing in common – an understanding and demonstration of inclusive leadership skills when it comes to all stakeholders, many of whom may not directly report to them.

Yet, when we ask what inclusive leadership means, these decision makers respond differently, capturing some elements of the concept, but not others. This full-day workshop will explore multiple facets of being an inclusive leader and how to improve knowledge and skills in inclusive leadership by focusing on its two primary components, leadership and inclusion.

Join us for a day to connect with other financial professionals in Idaho, consider issues from a new angle and re-energize yourself.

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Designed For

  • Firm Partners & Key Decision Makers
  • CFOs, CEOs
  • Corporate Leaders
  • Finance Directors
  • Professionals seeking to strengthen their managerial skills
  • Objectives

    Financial leaders, when well-equipped with strong leadership skills, can act as catalysts for growth for their companies and careers.  This summit, designed with the needs of financial leaders in mind, features a range of timely topics geared towards:

    • Cultivating ideas which will improve your company's business processes.
    • Developing strategies and policies for future growth and success of your business.



    7:30 – 8:00 AM - Welcome & Networking

    8:00 – 11:45 AM - Session 1: The CTR Factor Leadership Quotient

    8:00 – 9:10 AM - Apprehension
    • Thought Experiment #1 & #2
    • Currencies Of Influence
    • CTR Factor Model
    9:10 - 10:35 AM - Assessment
    • Self Assessment
    • CTR Factor Leadership Profiles
    • Strengths & Opportunities
    10:35 - 11:45 AM - Action
    • Corporate Cultures
    • Constituency-based Cultures
    • CTR Factor Styles 

    11:45 AM – 12:45 PM - Networking Lunch

    12:45 – 4:30 PM - Session 2: Cultural Dexterity

    12:45 – 1:55 PM - Credibility Norms
    • Definitions & Caveats
    • Time Orientation
    • Change Orientation
    • Work Orientation
    • Bridging Techniques
    1:55 - 3:20 PM - Trust Norms
    • Relationship Orientation
    • Communication Orientation
    • Bridging Techniques
    3:20 - 4:30 PM - Respect Norms
    • Hierarchical Orientation
    • Group Orientation
    • Bridging Techniques
    • Cultural Profile Histograms

    4:30 - 4:45 - Wrap Up

    Leadership is an ultimate, magnificent act of free will on the part of those who follow.  The awesome, magical secret of great leaders is that they have figured out how to make that act happen consistently and predictably.  Our findings indicate that they do so by earning three Currencies of Influence - Credibility, Trust & Respect (C-T-R), building three Assets of Impact - Results, Relationships, & Resources, and making three Investments of Intention - Capabilities, Character, & Competencies. Understanding and leveraging this CTR Factor Model will enable CFOs and senior finance leaders to increase their influence and impact with all stakeholders and constituencies, even those that may not report to them. 

    This morning session will cover three modules regarding the CTR Factor Model – Apprehension, Assessment and Action. At the end of the session, participating finance leaders will be more aware of their Credibility Quotient, Trust Quotient, and Respect Quotient, their CTR Factor Leadership Profiles, as well as the strengths and opportunities in their profiles. They will also be equipped with specific tactics and techniques to advance and enhance their CTR Factor Leadership Quotient. 

    While the CTR Factor Leadership Model applies to leaders of all backgrounds and constituencies, different demographic groups based on race/ethnicity, gender and generation earn the CTR factor currencies differently based upon cultural norms that might be deeply held, but often subliminal. A precise knowledge of one’s own cultural norms and those of others can help leaders adapt and adjust their style appropriately based upon the diversity in their environment, thereby exhibiting cultural dexterity, and being more inclusive towards those around them.

    This afternoon session will cover three modules regarding Cultural Norms – Credibility Norms like Time Orientation, Change Orientation and Work Orientation, Trust Norms like Relationship Orientation and Communication Orientation, and Respect Norms like Hierarchical Orientation and Group Orientation. At the end of the session, participants will be more aware of their own profiles on these norms and those of others around them, the cultural trends and trajectories exhibited by various diverse constituencies, the cultural norms of their own organizations, and the associated inter-personal and inter-cultural gaps . They will also be equipped with specific tactics and techniques to bridge across these gaps to create a more inclusive environment.

    Advanced Prep

    • Finalize pre-conference "homework"

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    Suri Surinder

    Suri Surinder

    Mr. Surinder is co-Founder & CEO of CTR Factor, the CTR Factor Leadership Institute, QuantumFLY & MyRequest-US. He also serves as Chief Learning Officer of Diversity MBA, Expert at GLG & RSM, senior board member of the CTR Factor Non-Profit Alliance, & strategic partner to Diversity Crew, NeoSeven, ESPTalent, Resiliti, Diverst, Trivie, RLC Diversity & Bold Business, serving a broad US & international footprint, including England, Europe, Africa, Canada, India and the Middle East.

    His experience spans 32 years as an executive, consultant, board member, author, entrepreneur & professor. His Linked-in profile has earned 2,775 endorsements in 50 different competencies. His Linked-in posts have garnered 1.5 million global views, & he has about 60,000 Linked-in connections & followers combined.

    At CTR Factor, he has served 164 companies in 12 different sectors, including RSM, Crowe Horwath, PwC, Prudential, Voya, Mass Mutual, Pixar, Walmart, & Disney, and has been Chief Learning Officer at Kaleidoscope & ALPFA.

    Mr. Surinder has worked in telecom, banking, non-profit, consulting & healthcare at Pfizer, Verizon, McKinsey, Centurylink, Capital One, ALPFA & Barclays in C-level roles running billion dollar business units & large global functional groups:

    • CEO of $1.7B regional P&L,5K employees • CEO of $2.7B regional P&L,3K employees • CMO of $1B P&L serving 50M customers • CHRO of $1.8B global P&L • Chief of Staff to COO of $39B P&L • CLO at largest professional non-profit in the US with 75,000 members • Global Head of $350M call center operation • Head of Process Re-engineering of $1.2B unit • Expert in Customer Experience at top. global consulting firm • Head of $3B early stage Collections at leading credit card provider

    He has been a member of 4 boards & Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at Baruch College. He has been recognized as a Top 100 under 50 Senior Executive by Diversity MBA magazine, & been acknowledged by the US Government as a person of extraordinary ability in business. He is the author of the CTR Factor Leadership Series of books, available on Amazon.

    He holds a BS-Civil Engineering, MS-Structural Engineering, and an MBA-Marketing, with courses towards a PhD-Marketing.

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