ISCPA Lunch Series

2021 - 2022 Luncheon Series - "Where Culture Meets Profits"

If “Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast,” Wait Till You See What It Does To Lunch!



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  • Lunch begins at noon
  • Presentations run from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

"Where Culture Meets Profits" 

Join this information packed and practical series on how to build a culture within your team that drives profits and builds accountable teams.  Improve your communication as a leader and employee/owner of your organization, regardless of your position or title. Each part of this education series is sure to provide the many important components of building a culture that sticks and the value to both the success of the organization and building a successful career and personal brand.  

Connie Miller, Culture & Leadership Consultant, has been a popular guest speaker in our past ISCPA education series, and we are very fortunate to be able to bring her back to deliver not just 'snippets' from her great expertise and insight, but also a deeper dive into the practical application and new way of being, one that will truly build a culture that sticks and grows the skills of each team member and leader.  This series is perfect for all team members.  

We all prefer working in a great company culture, but what does it really mean to build one and how do we go about growing one? Join Connie for a candid discussion series of the importance of creating a company culture that employees want to be a part of, and one that drives financial success in the process.

• Shared Culture Values & Vision • Growing Accountable Teams
• Open & Honest Communication • Keeping Culture Alive
• Adapting Leadership Skills • Hiring Talent to Fit Your Culture
• Strengthening Your Personal Brand • Creating a Culture of Welcoming Feedback
• Community Engagement That Works • Winning Teams
• Providing Recognition That Drives Increased Performance


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Paychex’s generosity has enabled ISCPA to bring our members together as never before!

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Groups of 3 to 15 attendees = only $200 for first 6 lunches!

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This is a great way to

  • Get your entire staff together once a month and enhance your businesses culture
  • Thank your clients and woo potential new clients
  • Recruit students and prospective employees



Building a Culture That Sticks through Missional Leadership & Times of Change

Back by Popular Demand….Connie will share her popular leadership presentation to kick off this leadership series. This presentation is similar to what was presented in the winter of 2020 to the ISCPA members, with some additional insight.  Connie will provide valuable information on the difference between creating a culture of successful mission-focused organizations vs solely outcome-based organizations that will rarely be great. She will share how to infuse the most important leadership traits needed to establish a culture that is not only desirable to work within, but also one that drives results and attracts professionals that embrace change. Connie will also share some brief insight into building a team that supports the overall goals of the organization.




Adapting Your Leadership Style as Your Business & Personal Goals Change

As you grow in your professional role or the owner of your organization, the leadership style that got you where you are today will likely need tweaked to get you to where you want to go tomorrow. The world is changing rapidly, and the strategic and critical thinking skills are more important than ever today. People are complex, including your employees and clients, and understanding how to maneuver through this ever-changing complexity is critical to continue to survive and thrive. You’ll walk away from this session with some great tools on how to be more strategic with your goals and overall leadership skills.




Hiring Talent to Fit Your Culture & When to Let Go of Culture Nay Sayers

Building a team that has the desire to sail the ship for your business towards your most important service levels and goals of your organization requires hiring the right employees for your boat, and keeping the great ones engaged and on the boat.  Connie will share some great ways to discover common values through your hiring practices and how to keep them alive through impactful coaching sessions after they are hired. Engaged employees who are passionate about what your organization delivers and building a loyal fan base of employees who become your best recruiters will be your best company asset.  You will leave this session with practical tools on how to interview before and gain insight after your team members become part of your team. You can create advocates that become the heart of your organization.  




Building Your Personal Brand & Investing in Community Relations That Work

Creating a known and respected personal brand is important for your professional and business growth.  Connie will share tips on how to do this efficiently and consistently through your networking and community involvement. Even as an introvert, there are great tools you can use to strengthen your personal brand and avoid the many mishaps that may kill your brand quickly. Learn where best to volunteer or sponsor causes to gain mutually beneficial relationships. It’s a small world, and it is important you gain this skill to grow your organization and professional career. Discover where and how you must show up in the community to build relationships that drive business results.  




Providing Recognition That Drives Increased Performance & Creating A Culture of Welcoming Feedback

Everyone needs recognition and affirmation, and each person is unique in how they like to receive it and the depth required.  Connie will provide some tools to discover what your team members and clients enjoy and where they can thrive as it relates to receiving genuine and valuable recognition.  Retention of relationships requires this knowledge and communication skill. You’ll leave this session with some skills on how to create a culture of receiving open and honest feedback that is meaningful and constructive from your clients, partners, and employees.




Understanding the Impact of Change on Your Client’s & Team’s Emotional Buy-in & Why They Get Stuck

Change requires understanding the many components, and careful steps required to gain buy-in.  Connie will share information on understanding the emotional process people go through when change is implemented, and also how various personality types go through change differently. She’ll also share the six phases of change people go through in order to arrive at the acceptance and engagement phase, and how you can lead teams through change successfully. You’ll leave this session with some tips on how to get yourself through big changes successfully without hurting your personal brand, while also leading your teams and clients through big change.    




Idaho Legislative Update

Join Ken McClure, Partner with Givens Pursley for a discussion of the highlights of developments in the 2022 Idaho legislative session, with emphasis on how they affect businesses in general and the accounting profession in particular. 

  • Presented by Ken McClure – Givens Pursley

(this date is subject to change based on legislative session)