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This section is full of information for students interested in accounting such as scholarship opportunities, the exam and student membership.

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Have questions about 150 hours of education for licensure?
Sue Coffey, AICPA vice president of Member Quality and International Affairs, provides a comprehensive overview of this important issue to the profession. We invite you to learn more about the value of 150 hours of education for licensure, why it is important and the AICPA's position in this informative video.

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     Building a Purpose Driven Resume
An educational presentation provided by Lonnie Pacelli with Leading on the Edge International. According to Pacelli, "Too often in career planning the resume building process is treated as a "how-good-can-I-make-my-word-document-look" and is driven more by what gets bolded and italicized versus what experience and qualifications will wow a prospective employer. This is similar to getting in your car in Los Angeles heading "East" hoping you end up in New York. Just because you're going in the right general direction doesn't mean you'll land at the right destination. Way too much left up to chance."