Thoughts from the CEO . . .

Close friends, Montana Society CEO Jane Egan & Idaho Society CEO Melissa Nelson took a blood oath to retire at the same time - and they stuck to it - both are retiring on June 30th of this year!

Next year the Idaho Society of CPAs will celebrate its 100th birthday! As this first century of operation comes to a close, it is time for reflection and renewal. It would be impossible for me to adequately thank all those who have contributed to the success of the ISCPA and my time here, but I must give special mention to a few.

To all the volunteers, Board members and committee members I have had the pleasure of working with, my heartfelt thanks.

I ask each of you to join me in thanking the amazing staff at the ISCPA: Alayna, the new voice on the phone; Gwynne, with 14 years invested in your CPE and communications processes; and Tracy, who for 32 years has effectively and efficiently kept the ISCPA train running on time.

I must give special mention to Ken McClure, the ISCPA Legal & Legislative Counsel. For 34 years, Ken has kept me grounded and (for the most part) out of trouble. His wise advice and representation has helped us become one of the most respected organizations working with our state legislature and other regulatory agencies.

Finally, my thanks to members Steve Swanson, Bill Tonkin and Rex Dorman for their courage and foresight in offering me the career of a lifetime as the first full-time Executive Director of the Idaho Society of CPAs.

Fast forward from 1979 to 2017, and help me welcome your new Executive Director, Laura Lantz. Laura brings new energy and new perspectives to the ISCPA as we enter our second hundred years. I know you will support and challenge Laura, as you have me.

I love the CPA profession. It is my privilege to have shared it with you for 38 years.

Welcome Laura Lantz, ISCPA Executive Director

Laura Lantz

ISCPA is excited to introduce the new Executive Director, Laura Lantz. The Search Committee worked diligently to ensure our newest leader will continue to serve the diverse membership of the Society with integrity, passion and enthusiasm.

Laura Lantz joins ISCPA after eight years with the Idaho Association of Highway Districts, the past four as Associate Director.

In her previous role, Laura was a legislative advocate for local highway and transportation issues. She was the liaison for 61 districts throughout the state, advising members on everything from budgets and management to policy. Her other responsibilities included member engagement and training.

Laura has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a minor in marketing from the University of Montana. She is on the board of Idaho Society of Association Executives and is an active volunteer in her three sons' schools.

Laura's official start date is June 14th and she is looking forward to meeting many of you at the Annual Meeting later that week.


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It's called "phishing" because thieves attempt to lure you into the scam mainly through impersonations. The scam may claim to be from a friend, a company with whom you do business, a prize award, a government agency – anything to get you to open the email or text.

According to law firm Baker Hostetler, phishing, hacking, and malware attacks accounted for 43 percent of data breach incidents it investigated in 2016. And 43 percent of the data breaches involved Social Security numbers.

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