Thoughts from the Chair . . .

Maureen Holman, CPA

Now that busy season is behind us, I hope that you are all able to take a deep breath (or two) and get out to enjoy Idaho’s beautiful, and hopefully warmer, spring weather. The ISCPA board is continuing to pursue our succession planning project and will be implementing some exciting changes for the society. A new website will be launched later this year, which will enhance our ability to communicate with our members and make CPE coordination more efficient for both members and staff. All of our committees are being reviewed and member roles and duties are being clarified. Don’t miss the opportunity to volunteer for a committee that interests you. Member suggestions on all matters ISCPA are always welcome. Please contact a board member with any input or suggestions.

National tax reform continues to be a big uncertainty for our profession. Both the ISCPA and the AICPA are continuing to monitor any developments as they occur. The tax committee will be evaluating several potential state tax legislative issues this summer. The evolution of peer review is another area that we are monitoring and will keep our members updated as information becomes available.

After 38 years as the ISCPA leader, Melissa Nelson, will be retiring at the end of June. I have been trying to come up with a catchy phrase to properly show our appreciation, but the best wording seems to be just a big THANK YOU MELISSA. Most of our members have not even been in the profession for 38 years. Melissa is the only ISCPA executive that they have known. We have been fortunate to have a leader with so much commitment and passion for our organization and the CPA profession. We all wish Melissa many happy and relaxing days enjoying her retirement. Although it seems impossible to replace Melissa, we are in the process of selecting a new executive that we are certain will take on the task of continuing to move our organization forward in a positive manner. Of course, we will continue to have the great guidance and assistance of the other ISCPA staff.

A retirement reception in Melissa’s honor will be held June 15th (see invitation below). We hope that you can join us for this celebration. Also, we hope that you plan on attending the ISCPA annual meeting on June 16th at the Oxford Suites. We have a great program planned and you will get free CPE for attending. You can register here.

As past AICPA Chair, Tim Christen, is fond of saying, "It is a great day to be a CPA."



The ISCPA is launching a new website this Fall!

Once the new site is live, your log in details will change - your email will become your access key to the member's only area of the website. This means, that having a current email on file with us is more important than ever. It also means that each member must have their own, unique email address in our database.

Please take a moment and review your membership information by logging into the member's only area of our website and clicking on account management.

There, you can verify your email as well as mailing address, areas of interests, communication preferences and more!

Security Tip of the Month Scams Are Coming From All Directions


  • You may get an email asking you to send employee W-2 or other sensitive information.
  • Stop to confirm if the request is legitimate before you send the information.

Criminals are targeting human resources and financial professionals across Idaho with a new W-2 phishing scheme. They've perfected techniques to trick you into thinking an email is coming from a person you work with.

Don't fall for this scam. Connect with the person who sent you the email request by phone or face-to-face. Don't respond to the email to confirm the sender's request. The sender could be a criminal in disguise using a fake email address. For more information, see our scam warning flyer.


Send this information along to your clients as a friendly reminder from their trusted advisor!